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How Essential or Non-essential is the Government Shut Down?

With the Government shut down yesterday I wondered if my air travel from Nashville would be impacted. The term non-essential personnel kept being used by the media and the GOP made great use of the term. Mocking those labeled non-essential. Don’t be mistaken what this fight is about. It’s not a Democratic vs Republican battle. […]

Kansas City Star: The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled Our Government

“If you don’t like Obama, or you’re suspicious of Obama, there’s a network you can turn to 24-7 and be convinced he’s the anti-Christ. If you do like Obama and if you’re concerned about Mitt Romney, you have another network you can turn to and get 24 hours of why this guy’s all about shipping […]

Politico: Claire McCaskill’s future could hinge on GOP slugfest

By David Catanese July 10, 2012 This is the moment Claire McCaskill has been waiting for. The muddled three-way Republican primary for Missouri’s Senate seat is entering a final four-week sprint that’s expected to feature a ferocious intraparty food fight. Or at least that’s what the first-term Democratic incumbent-turned-underdog is betting on. Trailing in the […]

Heed the Warning

Reading a letter to the editor in the St. Louis Post Dispatch I caught this one. Wish I had written it myself. Can’t we heed the warning? Ultra-conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer is a trained psychiatrist, which explains his most recent psychobabble regarding the president’s ability as commander in chief (“Obama: the drone warrior,” June 3). […]